About Carson Concrete

A leader in the area of concrete construction, Carson Concrete Corporation excels in adapting to community trends. Carson Concrete operates under the leadership of Vice President Anthony Samango III. The company has worked on numerous projects, including hotels, office towers, athletic complexes, and universities. Recently, Carson Concrete participated in projects at Drexel University, Temple University, and the University of Pennsylvania.

In addition, Carson poured more than 6,000 trucks’ worth of concrete for the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team’s stadium, Citizens Bank Park. In terms of residential projects, Carson Concrete has demonstrated the ability to adapt to changing trends. The company assisted in the construction of the condominium complex Waterfront Square, which consists of two 35-story frames, as well as apartment complexes such as Dockside and the 500-foot tall St. James.

Notable retail projects that Carson Concrete Corporation has worked on include the Franklin Mills Mall, which totals over 1 million square feet and is located in the Philadelphia area. In addition, the company holds distinction for assisting with the construction of Liberty One, which used to serve as Philadelphia’s tallest structure for nearly three decades.

With an extensive history in the field, Anthony Samango, Jr., established the company, which has served major contractors in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Throughout the 35-year history of the company, Anthony Samango, Jr., has taken pride in the fact that Carson uses very few subcontractors. The company owns and operates rough terrain and tower cranes, sets posts tension cables, and sets its own reinforcing steel. In addition, the firm completes each contract with efficiency and safety in mind. Carson Concrete does not limit its work to the Northeast. The company has poured concrete for projects as far south as Florida. To learn more, visit CarsonConcrete.net.


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